woman holding pubic wax strip after waxing
woman holding pubic wax strip after waxing
woman holding pubic wax strip after waxing

Post Pubic Wax FAQ

Pubic Wax FAQ
Since your pubic area is more sensitive, it’s normal for your skin to be irritated for up to 24 hours after waxing. If you’re fair skinned, you’ll probably be a little red. Avoid tight clothing and intense exercise and apply a cold compress to the area.
Pulling the wax strip too slowly or with hesitation can leave wax (and hair) behind. So can waxing on warm skin or in a space that’s too hot. For the cleanest wax session, wax at room temperature and pull the strip quickly and close to the skin.
Remove excess wax by folding up a used wax strip in half (sticky side in), pressing it down the uncoated side on the wax residue, then pulling it up. Then use the post-wax cloth to clean up the rest.
For just a few left behind hairs, use tweezers for removal (be sure to tweeze in the direction of hair growth!). For larger patches, wait a day or two, then try waxing again.
Make sure you’re placing the strip in the direction of hair growth and then pulling it in the opposite direction, as well as fully pressing the hair into the strip with your hand. Double check that your hair is clean, dry, and between 2-6mm long.
Every hair follicle is attached to a blood vessel, so bleeding and bruising are fairly common, especially the first time you wax. This is caused by pulling the wax strip away from the skin. Be sure to pull quickly and close to the skin to avoid irritation.
That depends! If you wear breathable underwear and keep your pubic area out of direct sunlight, yes. But wait 12-24 hours after waxing to wear a tight bathing suit or expose your pubic area to the sun.
Yes! Your first time will definitely be a little...hairy. Over time, you’ll get the hang of how to position your hands and body to work best for you. Your hair will also get thinner and easier to wax with each session.

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