Refillable Dermaplane Razor

Unlock smoother, more radiant-looking skin. Again. And again. This refillable, single-blade facial razor sweeps away peach fuzz and exfoliates skin, leaving it looking brighter and feeling smoother. And rest assured, your hair won’t grow back thicker.

  • 1 Weighted metal handle with no-slip grip
  • 2 Stainless steel Japanese precision blades

Refillable Dermaplane Razor

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Close up of a woman's face as she uses the Flamingo Refillable Dermaplane Razor on her upper lip

More Radiant-Looking Skin

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin, precisely removes fine hairs, and creates an even surface for makeup and skin care products. Think of it like step zero of your routine.

Close up of the blade tip of the Flamingo Refillable Dermaplane Razor

Upgrade Your (Facial) Shave

This luxe, weighted metal handle can be used again and again. A no-slip grip and pointer finger pad help put you in control of where you remove hair.