Pubic Blades

Thoughtfully designed for pubic skin and hair, these 5 blade cartridges give you a long-lasting shave, glide easily and comfortably over skin, and leave the pubic area feeling soft and smooth.

  • Includes 4 refill cartridges
  • For use with Pubic Razor
  • Dermatologist & gynecologist tested
  • Safe for sensitive skin

Pubic Blades

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For your best shave, we recommend changing your cartridge every 6-8 uses. Subscribing to refills means you’ll never have to settle for dull blades—or overpay.

Flamingo's pubic razor, clear shave gel, and post-shave serum pictured on a glass shelf

Your New Routine

With sensitive skin and coarse hair, your pubic area can be frustrating to care for. So we designed 3 steps to reduce the feeling of shave-related irritation and effectively remove hair.