Pubic Exfoliating Shave Gel


Clear the way for a close, comfortable shave with this exfoliating shave gel. 5 fruit acids gently remove dead skin cells, while aloe softens the feel of coarse pubic hair and cushions skin. A clear gel formula lets you see where you’re shaving.


  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist & gynecologist tested
  • pH balanced

Pubic Exfoliating Shave Gel

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Clear the Way

This clear gel formula lets you see where you’re shaving, which is essential for tricky zones like your pubic area. Plus, it softens hair and adds a cushion like all good shave gels should.

Gentle Yet Powerful

5 fruit acids work together to gently remove dead skin cells and free trapped hairs. Exfoliating before shaving can help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.