Pubic Care Shave Routine

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Exfoliate. Shave. Soothe. This 3-step shave routine is designed to leave your sensitive pubic area feeling comfortable. Pubic Exfoliating Shave Gel helps clear the way for a smooth shave, the Pubic Razor removes hair with 5 blades, and Pubic Restorative Post Shave Serum soothes skin.


  • 1 Pubic Razor Handle & 1 Cartridge
  • 1 Shower holder
  • Pubic Exfoliating Shave Gel
  • Pubic Restorative Post Shave Gel
  • Dermatologist & gynecologist tested
  • Safe for sensitive skin

Pubic Care Shave Routine

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Your New Routine

With skin that’s more sensitive and hair that’s more coarse, your pubic area can be frustrating to care for. So we designed this 3-step routine to reduce the feeling of shave-related irritation, while still effectively removing hair.

A Long-Lasting, Comfortable Shave

5 blades give a lasting shave that leaves the pubic area feeling soft and smooth. Plus, a slim cartridge design and flexible head help you navigate hard-to-reach areas.