Read before you rip


Before we begin, here are
some ground rules.

Do not wax if you have:

caution icon

an existing skin irritation¹ or delicate skin ².

¹ Like a sunburn or rash. 

² Skin gets more delicate with age. If you're over 65, do a patch test with a wax strip on the back of your hand to make sure your skin can handle the tension.

Your skin might not be ready to wax if you:

retinol icon

Use retinoids/retinol¹.

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Use products with Vitamin A.

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Already waxed today².

¹ If you use a prescription retinol, check with your doctor before waxing. If you use an over-the-counter retinol, taking a week off typically helps avoid skin irritation.

² Especially on your face, do not wax twice in the same day.

Watch out for products in your skincare routine that might make your skin more sensitive¹, like:

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Those that contain Vitamin C.

Toner icon

Anything alcohol-based (like some toners).

exfoliant icon

Chemical peels or exfoliation treatments ².

¹ Some people can use these products without worry of sensitivity; for others, it can make their skin too sensitive to wax. 

² Products that contain acids encourage cell turnover at a higher rate. This makes already sensitive facial skin more susceptible to trauma by physical irritants.

It’s almost wax time!
But first, follow this checklist.

Do a patch test.

Before going all in, test the wax strips and post-wax cloths on a less sensitive part of your skin to see how it reacts after a few minutes¹ and ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

image of knee and elbow

Test body wax on

your upper thigh.

woman's arm and back

Test face wax on

your forearm.

back of woman's leg

Test post-wax cloth

in a separate area.

Woman holding face wax strip in front of face
Use the strip just
as it comes.

Your wax strips are ready to use. No need to heat them up or rub them between your hands. Make sure you always store them in a cool, dry place.

woman touching clean armpit
Remove any makeup
and dry off.

Don’t wax right after moisturizing–lotion stops the wax from sticking. If you’ve just worked out or showered ², wait at least 10 minutes after drying off.

Make sure your hair is long-ish.

The best length for waxing is 2mm - 6mm (think: the width of a cotton swab to the length of the cotton part). If you’re a beginner, start off with longer hair (it’s easier to work with).

¹ Wait 24 hours to be extra safe.

² Working out produces oil, residual sweat, and body heat. Showering makes skin too warm and soft.

Now that we’ve covered
all the rules, let’s get to it!


Pull wax strips slowly apart to keep wax evenly distributed.

(Both sides have usable wax!)


Place a wax strip on your desired area.


Firmly rub the strip in the direction of hair growth.

Like, really, really firmly so the wax sticks to all the hair.


Pull your skin taut at the base of the strip with your non-dominant hand.

(And take a deep breath.)


Grip the strip, exhale, and pull quickly so no wax gets left behind.

Pull close and across the skin—don’t pull up. Move like you’re putting on lipstick, not plucking hair.

It will hurt, but only for a little bit! Take a deep breath, yell—whatever works for you.

You did it! Good job.
Now let’s recover.

Be Gentle

Waxing can be a little scary to your skin. If you’re fair skinned, you’ll probably be a little red.

Use the post-wax cloths to remove any wax residue and (if using our face wax kit) calming serum to soothe skin.

If your skin reacts to the post-wax cloths, use coconut oil with a cotton swab to remove residue.

Be Still

Wait a few hours before working out, putting on makeup, or going into the sun.

Resist the urge to touch your smooth, freshly waxed skin (We know. It’s hard).

Any questions?

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