Confession: I Have Body Hair

by Camille Muson - 5.30.2019

I shave my legs every few days, my bikini line when I’m going swimming, but I have a few chin hairs I’d yet to figure out how to handle. They keep sprouting out of nowhere! Then I found the Flamingo Bare Bundle.

I’ve used a million hair removal products, and they always seem to require math. Is this a good value? Am I being scammed? You get it. Flamingo gets it too. They combined all of their best-selling wax and shave products (a $32 value) for just $24—that’s a 25% discount. I know I was just frustrated about math, but here’s why I think the Flamingo Bare Bundle is the ultimate value:

“I Barely Need to Wax” 

Same! I mostly shave—which is why this bundle is ideal—but it’s pretty amazing to have a quick way to remove errant hairs floating around. I’m really over accidentally stabbing my chin every time I go to attack them. The Bare Bundle includes 20 strips, 6 post wax cloths, and a calming serum that removes redness. This is a big win if you’ve got a lot of territory to cover. 


Why This Wax 

Flamingo is the first company to bring soft-gel wax to the US. Their ready-to-use strips don’t require any heating—aka no mess—and, they work. Even on those little spikey hairs I didn’t think I could snag! $24 for all this plus a razor is way better than waiting for my hairs to be long enough for a professional wax. 


The Real Deal

For a regular part of my routine, shaving has never been anything to write home about. But here I am writing about it, because I actually believe in this product. On top of wax, the Bare Bundle includes an ergonomically designed razor handle, two cartridges, shave gel, body lotion, and a shower hook all in a reusable pouch. I thought the shower hook was the least important part but I was wrong. The blades last longer because I’m not leaving my razor in a little puddle of water near the edge of my shower. 


Well Designed, Inside And Out

Looks aside, the Flamingo razor feels like a tool. I don’t know about you, but most razors I’ve used haven’t felt like performance tools. I think this comes down to the fact that Flamingo makes their razors in a hundred year old German factory that they own and operate. They even created a custom blade cartridge that’s designed for the curves of a woman’s body, and a heavier handle that helps you navigate them. Speaking of curves, the wax strips have curvy edges so that they’re easy to pull apart. Can you tell I’m a fan? 


It's Only $24 

We pay more for products because we’re women, we get paid less for the same reason, but with the Bare Bundle, more for less is finally working out for us. The Flamingo Bare Bundle combines everything you need (a $32 value) for just $24. That’s math I can get behind.