About Us

We know that the overlooked edges of our bodies can become the cornerstones of
our experience.

We design products for the parts of our routines that don’t get a lot of primetime attention. Our team has spent years talking to women, sharing the nuances of our personal care rituals, and developing great products to support them.

We believe a positive relationship to body care starts with quality products—and that when we show up for ourselves in private, we’re able to show up as ourselves in public.

We listen, react, and innovate based on years of experience.

Personal care is personal—and we take that seriously. Our products, like Harry’s, take years to develop and are made in factories that have been honing their expertise for decades. 

We Support 

We set aside 1% of sales to support nonprofit organizations working to ensure women build healthy, positive relationships with themselves. There shouldn’t be a stigma around talking about our bodies, the way they work, and how they’re treated, and we’re committed to bring more education and support to our community through partners we believe in deeply. 

Our Partners

Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic and sexual violence to transform their lives through the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga. With our support, Exhale to Inhale will train three hundred more teachers, reaching thousands more survivors this year.


PERIOD is fighting to end period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. With our support of their educational program, PERIOD will help thousands of young menstruators feel better prepared for their periods, speak comfortably about menstruation, and advocate for their own health care needs.