How to Wax: Face & Pubic

How to Wax: Face & Pubic

Pre Wax Checklist
Patch Test
  • Test the wax strips and post-wax cloths on a discreet area of your body, like your inner forearm. Wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to the formulas (though you should be able to tell within minutes).
Check Hair Length
  • Hair between 2–6mm sticks to wax the best.
Find Direction of Hair Growth
  • Run a hand over your skin. If the hair is smoothed to the skin and looks neat, that is the direction of hair growth.
Prep Your Skin
  • Skin should be completely clean and dry. If you’ve just showered, wait 45 minutes so your skin has time to cool down.
Take a Deep Breath
  • Relax and turn on your favorite playlist. Waxing hurts, but it shouldn’t feel like anything you can’t breathe through. If it does, revisit the precautions to make sure waxing is right for your skin.
Ok, ready? Let’s do it!
1. Peet Strips Apart

Slowly pull the wax strips apart to ensure even wax distribution (there’s no need to rub the strips between your hands to warm them up—our soft-gel wax comes ready to use).

2. Massage Strip in Direction of Hair Growth

Place a strip on the area you’d like to remove hair and rub it firmly in the direction of hair growth (To find, rub a hand over your skin. If the hair is smoothed to the skin and looks neat, that is the direction of hair growth).

3. Hold Skin Taut and Pull

Hold skin taut at the base of the strip. With your other hand, grip the wavy edge of the strip and pull it off quickly against the direction of hair growth. Pull away from skin in a sideways motion.

4. Repeat as Necessary

Repeat steps 1–3 for each area of hair removal. Each strip can be used for about two pulls, depending on hair texture.

5. Wipe Away Residue

When you’re all finished, use an included Post-Wax Cloth to remove any excess wax residue.

A few words of caution…
For best results, please read these precautionary statements before you wax.
  • This kit is for external use only. Not for internal use (i.e. Brazilian wax). Do not use on vaginal/genital/perianal area, or genital mucous membrane.
  • Do not use on irritated, wounded, chapped, sunburned or swollen skin, or over ulcers, varicose veins, moles, or warts. Do not use inside nose or ears, on head, eyebrows, eyelashes, or nipples.
  • Do not use if you are elderly, diabetic, have circulatory problems, or delicate skin. Waxing may cause bruising in pregnant women.
  • Discontinue use of retinol, retinoids, and chemical exfoliants for a week before waxing.
  • Do not sunbathe for 24 hours before or after waxing.
  • Do not use deodorants or any other alcohol based products in the waxed area for 24 hours after waxing.
  • Slight discomfort or redness after waxing is common. Apply a cold compress to relieve any discomfort.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not ingest. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor immediately and show them product packaging.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Use as directed.